Taking Health Into Ones Own Heart and Hands

Madelene McCann is a Holistic Health Practitioner who strive to empower and support everyone on their healing journey. Through education Madelene hopes to inspire and work with one to create simple, low cost, and effective remedies including: nourishing meal plans, herbal medicine, medicated oils and steams, digestive support, breath work, and much more. These appointments are powerful invitations for discussing and understand immune issues, nervous system imbalances, weight and skin issues and other difficulties. 

Healthy Cooking and Nutrition Classes

Interactive education  catered to your need and interest different topics such as Auto Immune, Child Nutrition, Nutrition Basics, Healthy Fats, Young Women's Health and Wellness ect.  

Classes for groups, community centers, business, families and one on one.          

Herbal Walks and Talks

From teaching California native plants to herbal workshops of kids. Madelene educational work has span environmental education programs, State Parks to children summer camps and more! Check out past workshops on the Happening web page.

 Health and Wellness Consultations

Ayurvedic, herbal and nutritional support offered with Madelene McCann is one on one in person or by phone. Consultations go over health history, pulse assessment, constitutional understanding and nutritional, herbal support. First consultation is hour session for $110.  As the health journey begins appointments are an hour for $70. Sliding Scale upon request

Personalized Herbal Wellness Kits

 With the Love of medicine making  Madelene seasonal wellness kits are still available for purchase through direct contact. Personalized kits made especially with your self or loved one in mind. Kits contain different herbal products that you get to pick and choose from. Mama to be kits, postpartum kits, Ayuvedic dosha kits, everyday wellness kits. Great for gifts! Please give 2 week notice.

All services can be Obtained through Contacting Madelene at fullmooncsh@gmail.com

Madelene McCann -HHP and NE

Madelene McCann is an herbal practitioner, farmer and founder of Full Moon Folk Medicine. At a young age, she learned from her mother the native and medicinal uses of plants. This kindled a fascination and deep connection with the plant world that has, with the help of teachers and elders, guided her to the teaching and practice of herbal medicine. Madelene has taught herbalism at Humboldt State University, community classes and for environmental education organizations. Through her education initiatives, she hopes to inspire the next generation of plant people. In addition to being an herbalist, Madelene has been a farmer since 2008. She has managed production farms to school gardens and has cultivated a firm belief that food is medicine.  She has gone on to blend eastern medicine with her western herbalism roots. She is a graduate of the Ayurveda Clinical Practitioners Program at the dhyana Center in Sebastopol, California. She is currently in school for her Masters in Holistic Nutrition.Her craft is inspired by the songs of the plants, rhythms of the seasons and magic of the soil. With her love of teaching, farming and food, she hopes to inspire the reclamation of the human body’s own ability to heal.


History of Full Moon Folk Medicine

Full Moon Folk Medicine started in 2013 by Madelene McCann and Alina Huff as a Community Supported Agriculture project. Together Alina and Madelene created locally grown herbal medicine kits for their local community through CSA “shares”. Full Moon Folk Medicine members received seasonally, a gift from the plant world in form of teas, tinctures, oils, syrups and much more.