Welcome Spring!

Spring, a time of new growth, a time for new eyes to greet the dawn, a time to approach ourselves and each other from our deeper source and to reach for new inspiration. Spring is when sap begins to flow again, new shoots emerge and sweet blossoms find the courage to open with the light and warmth of the new day. It’s all around and within us; a lightness, freshness and clarity.

Spring’s direction is east. It is in the east that the sun rises and casts its rays upon us; a place where the eagle, deer and mouse resides. The color of spring is green and shows itself along each trail and hillside. The organs of spring are liver and gallbladder. These organs help detoxify and cleanse the body of external and internal toxins and pollutants. Both the liver and gall bladder excrete bile, a green acidic solution that helps break down fats and proteins.

In Chinese medicine, anger is known to be stored in the liver and gallbladder. This emotion is something to be aware of with the coming of spring. So how can we support ourselves during this new season? Remembering we are only a reflection of our environment, our teachers are all around us.

I cant help but want to dive into a dandelion salad, lie on my back in the grasses, forage for clevers and nettles and drink tea in the late afternoon light. We all know what we need if we just listen to out inner voice and that which surround us, the trees, birds and stream…

Green blessings

Full Moon Folk Medicine