Summer has arrived...

Hope the warm days and coastal breezes are filling you with love for the present and inspiration for the summer to come.

Full Moon Folk Medicine has been busy planting seeds for the future! Literally and fugitively. We are busy growing herbs out at Ocean Song, planting seeds for the shares to come, and harvesting herbs for medicine making. Another seed that has been planted has been our work with Ziibra, an online platform that highlights artist, and craftsmen on their work. Recently we had a video filmed on the work we are doing, and hope that it may lead us to building a greater community of herbal supporters.

Summer is almost here! Our summer box will focus on our heart and spleen, two powerful organs that rule during this time of year. The emotions of summer are compassion and forgiveness, the element is fire and the color is orange. Our goal is to embrace this transition with heart and spleen nourishing creations that bring the brightness of orange and the spark of fire to uplift, create self love and soothe the senses. Full Moon Folk Medicine is striving to create a self-care box that will help address all that comes up with the transition into this amazing season. We hope you join us in supporting our work by joining our herbal community and registering for your summer self-care box today!


Upcoming Events & News

Our new Full Moon Folk Medicine website will be up in June! We are excited to have a new template that showcases our work and creates an easer way to become a shareholder.

Full Moon Folk Medicine is excited to joining ALL THINGS HERBAL, a benefit for the Sonoma County Herb Exchange. We hope to see you on June 1st at the Farmers Market in Sebastopol. Come say hello and learn more about herbs and community supported herbalism.

Our Summer Share registration is open and our Summer Boxes will be ready for pick up / delivery JUNE 21, Summer Solstice.

Green Blessings!

Madelene & Alina

Full Moon Folk Medicine