Fall Wellness Kit

Direction- West

Organ- Colon/ Lung

Emotion- Grief

Color- White

Element- Metal

Taste- Pungent 

With harvest time upon us, we look around and see the leaves changing, their colors emerging, and daylight shifting. Fall is finally here! Fall is a time when we strive for balance. The warm Easterly winds remind us of the heat of the summer that has just passed. The chilled Western winds bring the promise of water and remind us that new life is on its way. In traditional Chinese customs, fall is represented by the color white, the direction of west, element of metal, and the tastes of pungent and spicy. Our fall wellness kit is reflected by this season by beginning the process of turning inward in anticipation for winter. So please begin to open your lungs, breathe easily and deeply with the rich scent of autumn under your nose. Start to retreat into yourself and treat yourself with love, pureness and understanding.    

Your wellness kit will include:

Respiratory Repairing Tea Blend:  A blend of herbs that help heal and support the lungs and respiratory tract. Because of it's repairing and soothing qualities this blend helps keep lungs healthy and strong all year long. 

Scullcap Tincture:  Scullcap is a gentle and soothing nervous system rebuilder. It has been known to help strengthen the lungs due to ongoing grief and stress.


Elecampane Honey:  Elecampane is a pungent sweet and spicy root that repairs the bronchial system. Matched with local and soothing honey this tasty treat is wonderful for sore throats and yummy in a cup of tea.

Reusable satchel: Handmade signature full moon folk medicine satchel. Please use this to collect your own garden herbs! Reusable and washable.

Local Art: Unique and special, made with love for our shareholders! 


*Our Fall share will be evolving as we create our boxes. New inspiration and availability of herbs may change and are subject to the change or development of the plants during the course of the season.  Thank you for your support and understanding.