Summer Wellness Kit

  • Direction – South
  • Color – Orange
  • Taste - Bitter
  • Organ – Heart & Spleen
  • Element – Fire
  • Emotion – Compassion & Forgiveness

Summer, longer days and warm nights, the smell of honey suckle in the air and sound of crickets with each setting sun. A time of play and work, a time to reconnect with friends. A time to enjoy the beauty around and within, with the sun’s rays casting color through kisses on the skin.  The south is home to brother Coyote, a trickster and teacher. The color orange is associated with the solar plexus and self will. Fire, the element of transformation is a tool for the summer.  The spleen holds forgiveness and the heart holds the emotion of compassion.  Summer teaches us how to take things in through our heart and gives us the tool of fire to transform and discard what is not of use. This summer kit will create a focal point in how to activate one’s focus for gentle transformation through the engagement of the heart and senses.

-Green blessings Madelene + Full Moon Folk Medicine

In addition to our herbal products, each shareholder will receive an educational pamphlet that will highlight all of the herbs and uses of the products. Please note that many of our items have been featured and written about in detail on our blog.

Your seasonal wellness kit will include:

Citrus Body Scrub: An invigorating body scrub that lifts the spirit and engages personal transformation.

Sore Muscles  salve: A blend of muscle soothing herbs all local and consciously wild crafted. This blend helps with over worked muscle and body pain helping one stay active and happy throughout the summer!

Hibiscus tea blend: Sweet, tart, and refreshing blend of herbs that can be enjoyed hot or iced.

Hawthorn tincture: Made by hand with intentions of transformation through the heart.

Local art and silk screen satchel By  Ash Weiss

Full Moon Folk Medicine Educational phamplet

* Summer share may evolve with new inspiration and availability of herbs.  Thank you for your support and understanding.