Winter Share 2013

This winter share focused on keeping our community members healthy during the transition into the winter. Creating nourishing, warming and immune strengthening formulas that keep our kidneys in mind and your health in our hearts.

  • Direction – North

  • Element – Water

  • Emotion – Fear

  • Organ – Liver & Gall Bladder

This box included:

Kidney nourishing chai: This tea is warming, alkalizing and has some very powerful herbs in it. It includes, Burdock and nettle, which are two wonderful kidney herbs that help clean the blood and lymphatics. They are both diuretic and detoxifying as well as nourishing and alkalizing. The Chia also has licorice, a wonderful sweet and synergistic adaptogen. Ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, allspice, fennel, mallow, rooibos, nutmeg, and coriander also make this incredible warming and soothing chia a winter treat.

Cypress Lavender bath saltsThis bath blend features Epsom salt that helps relive achy and stiff muscle while our essential oils and plant blend help warm and relax. Cypress aids in circulation and clears the mind.

Cardamom Fennel bitter formulaThis formula has been our personal go to. It is a fabulous blend of ginger, cardamom, fennel, yellow dock, Oregon grape root, and chrysanthemum. Just enough spice and warmth but still has the wonderful bitter attributes. With winter’s share of holiday feasts this bitter helps ease digestion and gives our liver the extra support in processing those heavy holiday treats.

Fire CiderOur Fire Cider has all sorts of wonderful spicy and medicinal goodies that have been seeping and infusing underground, creating a uniquely special medicinal treat. Use it in soups, salads or as a shot when you need to beat the sniffles or a cold.

Berry root syrupConsisting of different wild crafted berries, roots and leaves such as; elderberry, rose hips, osha and yerba santa. All of which help to elevate your immune system and keep you healthy all winter long.

Three sister salveSt. Johns wort, calendula and plantain are the perfect combination for a healing salve that alleviates pain and will bring sunshine to the coldest days of winter. Great for chapped skin, cuts, bruises or achy muscle.